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The Shorty Interview
with Attack of the Show
What's your best tweet?
They are all so good. We’d hate to make our other tweets feel bad by playing favorites.
What are six things you could never do without?
Plasma screens, Twitter, nut shot videos, epic fails, the Internet, egg salad.
How do you use Twitter in your professional life?
We use it to interact directly with our viewers, not just bombarding them with messaging. We actively engage them in conversations.
What's your favorite Twitter app?
Twitter or Facebook?
What was the funniest trend you've seen?
One that our viewers got trending themselves: #GiantTeaBag. It was to celebrate our World Record win for making the largest bag of tea.
What feature should Twitter add?
Cup holders. You can never have enough.
Who do you wish had a Twitter feed but doesn't?
Duke Nukem. Not the one squatting on @dukenukem. We'd want a real, funny one from 2K Games.
What are some words or phrases you refuse to shorten for brevity?
We never shorten the phrase "Twitter Wall" because it's the best way for our viewers to interact directly with our hosts.
Why should we vote for you?
Because we really do read what you tweet and we make it a part of our show via our Twitter Wall and Twitter Ticker. #YouAreTheShow
Terms you wish would start trending on Twitter right now?
What's the most interesting connection you've made through Twitter?
It's always fun to connect with and talk to celebrity guests we've had on Attack of the Show like Alessandra Torresani (@BambolaBambina).
Hashtag you created that you wish everyone used?
#OMGROFLOL It's our newest creation, used by tweeting viewers to send in captions to off the wall web videos we air on Attack of the Show.
How do you make your tweets unique?
We actually talk with, not at, our viewers. We make them a part of our show, through the Twitter Wall, our Twitter ticker & other fun things.
Ever get called out for tweeting too much?
Rarely. A follow back made those people happy.
140 characters of advice for a new user?
Watch Attack of the Show weeknights at 7pm. Follow @AOTS and be sure to use #AOTS in all your tweets & you might end up on our Twitter Wall!
How long can you go without a tweet?
It really is a fine balance of quality and quantity. Plus, it depends on how Twitter is reacting to our tweets and live show.
What question are we not asking here that we should?
What would we like for our birthday?
Who is the funniest person on Twitter that you follow?
There are lots of our tweeting viewers who we consider hilarious. They make our live Twitter Wall that much more fun!
Why should people follow you?
Because, Attack of the Show on G4 is TV’s only source for all the stuff you care about!
Can you name some one-of-a-kind Twitter accounts that you follow?
Our hosts, @kpereira and @CandaceBailey5 because they really do tweet with their fans.
How do you decide what to tweet?
It depends on what is in each episode. Literally, no two days watching and tweeting with Attack of the Show are ever identical.
Why'd you start tweeting?
We were walking around the intertubes one day, saw this Twitter thing, signed up.
Has Twitter changed your life? If yes, how?
Yes, it has. It let’s us know instantly what our fans think of our shenanigans during our live show. The Real Time Web in action!
What are some big Twitter faux pas?
The biggest faux pas on Twitter is not leaving enough room for an old fashioned RT of something.
What will the world be like 10 years from now?
That depends on which happens first: the zombie apocalypse or the robot uprising.