Shorty Awards in the News

Now in their fourth year, the Shorty Awards have made news for honoring content producers across all major social platforms; for entering the mainstream Hollywood awards cycle; for bringing on unique and exciting sponsors to grow their own social media following; to give all influences a chance to succeed; and to honor work in important areas like the environment. Click here for the full press list.

The legitimacy of the awards – last year 650 people attended; this year 1.6 million Shorty-nominating tweets were posted – also show the elevated significance of that which is being posted to social networks on the web.
Wall Street Journal
The awards honor particularly clever and adept creators of concise social media content across a variety of platforms.
Washington Post
For several years, advertising awards shows have been starting to sign sponsors to underwrite the general bestowing of honors or, in several instances, present specific awards that are created on behalf of the sponsors. That is also the case for a newcomer in the kudos field, the Shorty Awards, which honor communication on Facebook, Twitter and in other social media.
The New York Times four — ahem, brief — years, the Twitter-based awards show has grown to 1.6 million tweet votes for its latest voting period, which ran Jan. 4 through Feb. 17.
Among the new categories Shorty Awards producer Sawhorse Media added this year is “Best Presidential Candidate in Social Media."
For this year’s Shorty Awards, Wozniak is a finalist in the Foursquare Mayor of the Year category in which he’s competing against New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.
The nominations alone are worth scrolling through.
Washington Post
They also unveiled a hilarious video created especially for the show, featuring Tracy Morgan, who attempts to answer questions in 140 characters or less and fails.
Huffington Post
Neil Patrick Harris, Kiefer Sutherland and Jim Gaffigan were among those attending the ceremony, which honor Twitter users' entire body of work, not just an individual tweet.
Hollywood Reporter
This is the third year in which the world of 140-character communications has its own awards — the Shorty Awards. I’m honored to have been nominated by a couple hundred people so far in the #green group (the process goes through this month). This is no small part because some Twitter user named @LeoDicaprio led a nomination blitz Tuesday night in recognition of my recent focus on the relatively low cost of conserving wild tigers (and a possible role by a successful company that names its operating systems for tigers and other big cats).
The New York Times
In Social Media, 'Judy Consumer' Can Beat Britney Spears in the Influence Game
The Huffington Post

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